Recently Read–Willow by Julia Hoban

Willow is a very touching story for me. Being a cutter myself for almost two years, I could relate to the main character. Willow is a teen who believes she killed her parents after a tragic car accident. Moving in with her brother and his wife, along with their baby daughter, Willow becomes a cutter to block out the emotional pain. Her brother, David, is a college professor and manages to get her a job at the college library. There, she meets Guy. Cute, sensitive Guy finds out about her cuts and threatens to tell David. Willow manages to convince him not to, but Guy won’t leave her alone. After the accident that killed her parents, Willow became estranged from peers and her brother. By the end of the story she and Guy evolve into a loving relationship, she turns to her brother for help on a school assignment, and becomes friends with a group of students at her school. She also becomes strong enough to slowly stop cutting. This book was the best book I’ve ever read to be honest. It gave me the inspiration to finally give up on my cutting. Thank you, Julia Hoban.


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