Recently Read–Eagleton Coven:Amaretto Flame

Olivia Landry is a Wise-One, a good witch. She grew up with the only real family she’s ever had, the other members of the Eagleton Coven. Believing she wasn’t worthy, she refused to let anyone get close to her. The closest anyone ever got was her coven brother, Everett. But when Olivia is banished to Staves for breaking a coven rule, she meets Jackson Vance. Jackson, a sexy guitar player with Amaretto colored eyes, manages to find a way into Olivia’s heart, though she denies it. In Amaretto Flame, Olivia, Jackson, and the rest of the Eagleton Coven, are forced to fight against the Venator, the bad witches. All of their work pays off. Olivia and Jackson are safe for now, and deeply in love.

I think my favorite part about ECAF was the fact that it isn’t overly popular(yet). And that I had the chance to actually communicate with author Sammie Spencer(@AuthorSammie) via Twitter. Sammie has a great ability for details. I could really picture the scenes as if I were there along with the characters. I loved that although it’s a paranormal romance, the characters were very human, and believable. Thank you Sammie, for such a great story <3 Can’t wait for the sequel!! Keep up the good work


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