Recently Read–Royal Blood

Gothic Girl Raven Madison’s world is turned upside down when the summer days filled with spending time with her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, come to an end. First of all, she’s forced to go to school (blech!!) where she’s tormented by her lifetime nemesis, Trevor. Making things worse, she has to be partners with Trevor. At least Raven has Alexander. That is, until his parents come to visit. Then, things go downhill even more when Alexander’s parents want him to move back with them to Romania. Luckily, Raven is here to save the day.

Ahh, I love this book. Short, but entertaining. I love the over exaggerated gothic-ness. It’s hilarious. And the characters are people we all know. Raven: the freak (no offense!! I love goth people) Alexander: the outsider. Trevor: jock. Becky: the best friend.

I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone. But read the first five books in the series first!!!

Also by Ellen Schreiber:

Vampire Kisses, Kissing Coffins, Vampireville, Dance with a Vampire, Coffin Club



  1. Emily Pugh Said:

    well, i have read all the other books and i just could not put them down i have loved them. I really want to read royal blood but i can not find it anywhere. if anybody knows were i can find it please tell. i think the books i have read are romance and is sort of a mystery.

    • izzievandero Said:

      Hey Emily! I couldn’t put them down either. I’m sorry you can’t find Royal Blood :( You could try They usually have tons of books there that you can order. They have great deals and I think shipping is free. Hope you can find it!!

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