Recently Read–Shadowland

Now that the summer is coming near, the only thing Ever wants is to be with her immortal boyfriend, Damen. But, knowing that’s impossible, thanks to Roman, she goes to Mystics & Moonbeams hoping to find help. What she finds, however, is that the stores owner, Lina, is on vacation. Her grandson, Jude, is now taking care of the store. Jude, a psychic who can see spirits, even those who have crossed over, strikes a strange resemblance to someone from Ever’s past. With Lina gone, and Jude being of little help, Ever finds the Book of Shadows, which can’t even be deciphered since it’s written in code. Roman, the cause of Ever’s desperation, isn’t done yet though. He decides to target Haven next, making Ever make a choice she will surely regret.

I think this third installation in the Immortals series definitly got things moving along. I couldn’t let go of this book, ready for hours on end until it was finished. I appreciate how Alyson Noel makes it seem as if I actually know the characters.

P.S. I freaked out when Alyson Noel RT’ed my tweet about her new, upcoming book, Everlasting-coming June 7. Can’t wait!!!


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