Blog Tour — Eagleton Coven: Amaretto Flame

Hey there Jackson, thanks for joining me today on this blog tour :) I’m Izzie and I will be interviewing you. So, here it goes!!

How long have you worked at Stallott’s?

Since I’ve been old enough to drink. ;-) I started playing music and got better feedback than I thought. When people actually started coming out to hear me play, Bob (the owner) didn’t want to let me go! Ha!
What made you start playing guitar/writing music?
I’ve always had a hard time telling people how I feel face to face. When I was young, I would get mad or excited and I’d write it down. As a teenager, I got into music big time. I found a lot of songs that seemed to express certain feelings I had. The combination of writing and music just went hand in hand. I bought my first guitar at 14 and I’ve been playing ever since.

When Olivia first walked in, what was your initial thought?
I only saw her for a split second the first time she came into Stallott’s. The first actual meeting happened when I took her the uniform. There were no real thoughts at that moment; only feelings and impressions. I took it all in; gray eyes like liquid smoke that looked at me suspiciously, ribbons of hair like black fire, lips of the palest pink. I just wanted to be close to her.

Has she inspired any songs?
A song can be inspired by just about anything; the shadows on the face of a homeless man, a smile across the room, the way a guy holds his girl as they dance. Every single person I come across is worthy of a song, so you can imagine how inspired I am by Slayer…she who has such an enormous hold on me.
What’s up with your “ceremony” before shows?
Oh. *smiles* You should never drink alone.

Did you really enjoy The Drop? Or just showing off for Olivia? ;)
To be honest, I wasn’t concentrating too much on the ride itself. I enjoyed watching her enjoy it. Her squeals of delight, laughter, the way she gripped my hand like she’d never let go.
What makes her so special from all the other girls you’ve been with?
Easy. She’s the one who took my heart. I can’t tell you why it was her and not one of the girls from the past. It just was.
Could you tell she was a Wise One when you first met her?
I could tell there was something different. It wasn’t until the day of the carnival that I suspected something was VERY different.
Any plans for the future?
I’m not sure what to expect from the future, but I know what I want. There is a song that I want to have stuck in my head from now … until. My biggest goal at present is to keep it there; to hang on to the melody and to cherish the words.
What can you tell us about #ECAF2?
*Grins* I will definitely keep you updated on that. ;-)

Thanks Jackson!! :D

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  1. Vivien Said:

    What makes her so special from all the other girls you’ve been with?
    Easy. She’s the one who took my heart. I can’t tell you why it was her and not one of the girls from the past. It just was.

    That was so adorable. The more I read about this book, the more I want to read the whole thing!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  2. Diana Said:

    Great interview ! Izzie seems very interesting character and book sounds amazing !!!

  3. Mindy Said:

    Nice interview!

  4. izzievandero Said:

    @Vivien You should read the whole book!!! It’s amazing!
    @Diana and @Mindy thank you!!!! :D

  5. “I’ve always had a hard time telling people how I feel face to face.” I understand… that is the same reason why I write dark fiction. Okay, kind of the same. I like writing about things dark and bloody, things that would probably get me in trouble, if you think about it… better not think about it and just write them, huh?

    Sing on!

  6. Karla Said:

    Oh, how cute! AND he plays! :) I’m about to start reading the book NOW.

  7. larissa Said:

    Interesting interview. I am loving the guitar man. Even if he is a mortal

    Lmbrunken {AT} gmail {DOT} com

  8. <3 Thank you guys for commenting. Making my rounds to check comments. Woot.

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